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A powerful tool to handle your business process with more agility, accuracy and security.

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Empower your business to achieve its maximum potential with PFlo ERP


Manage & optimize your enterprise wide performance. We help you accomplish seamless integration across all horizontals and verticals intelligently.

  • Eliminate operational deficiencies
  • Level your playing field, expansion scalability to accommodate growth
  • Comprehensive and personalized
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Manage your customer Interactions with relevant data in an end to end phase. A robust interacting environment helping you to better tap into your consumer base.

  • Seamless access of data across horizontals & verticals ensuring better coordination
  • A single glance view of detailed customer engagement with respective points of contact
  • Get a better filtration from your prospect pool
  • Brand Sales & Revenue/Customer Insights/ Target Marketing/ Customer Experience Marketing…you name it we got you covered
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Deliver improved master data management and data quality, business process management and optimisation, enhanced asset and human capital management and more robust decisions

  • Personalized Reporting
  • Self Service Capabilities
  • Data Visualization
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Why Us

A quick fact check ! Champion points separating us apart ...

Small Learning Curve

Most advanced UI Experience makes it possible even for shop floor workers to use the system.

Self Service Capabilities

Engaging Employees with need to know decision process activities makes the system a highly integrated and in-depth system.

Cloud Leverage

Cloud Capabilities gives this system a scalable advantage to you for the longer run of your operational business.

Experience a smarter way to

Conduct your day to day business smartly and efficiently with PFlo ERP

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